Tube & Valve Brush Stiff .375"x19.62

* SALE ITEMS, Cleaning Tool, Color-Coded





This tube brush is the smallest diameter of the tube brushes. It is used to clean small pipes and very narrow spaces between machine parts. The bristles are attached to a helically wound stainless steel shaft, making it strong and chemically resistant.

Length: 19.90 in.
Width: 0.40 in.
Height: 0.40 in.
Weight: 0.15 lbs.
Block Material: Polypropylene
Bristle Material: Polyester
Bristle Stiffness Stiff
Bristle Length 0.12 in.
Material: Stainless Steel
FDA Compliant Material: Yes
Working Temp: -4° F/-20° C to 176° F/
Autoclavable To: 250° F/121° C