Tube Cleaner Stiff 2.5"

* SALE ITEMS, Cleaning Tool





This tube brush has bristles along the sides as well as in the front. It is used in areas where a wider tube cleaning action is required or where the equipment has an end point that cannot be reached with a hand brush. Requires a European-thread handle.

Length: 5.60 in.
Width: 2.40 in.
Height: 2.40 in.
Weight: 0.24 lbs.
Block Material: Polypropylene
Bristle Material: Polyester
Bristle Stiffness Stiff
Bristle Length 0.43 in.
Material: Stainless Steel
FDA Compliant Material: Yes
Working Temp: -22° F/-30° C to 176° F/80° C
Autoclavable To: 250° F/121° C